• Four important money functions

    The two important topics of macroeconomics, money demand and money supply are based on particular function of money. Classical school of thought consider money as medium of exchange and according to this school demand for money is directly ... Read More

  • Barter system failure

    When someone exchange 1kg rice for 2kg wheat, to fulfill the emerged need, this is known as bartering. In this deal one good is exchanged for another good, with the prerequisite that both parties involved should need what is offered by another. ... Read More

  • Assets - It's Properties and Bank Assets

    Definition of Asset: Anything that is useful and provide benefit is known asset. When we say anything it means, we are talking about persons, software, tools, derivatives, ideas or anything. If something you find is helpful in your daily life, to ... Read More

  • Tax to GDP Ratio

    Tax to GDP ratio or tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is an indicator about 'tax money' which individuals & companies pays and government receives in particular year, compared to other years. This provides an idea, like, what was the tax ... Read More

  • Bond market terminologies

    An explanation of few terms related to Bonds you may hear everyday A) Par value or Face value or Principle: It is the value mentioned on bond say 1000 rs, or the value holder of the bond (The one who purchased it) will receive when bond ... Read More

  • Various direct tax and their definitions

    In this article we are going to discuss various direct tax that are levied in an economy. A) Income Tax: Definition: Income tax is tax levied on income received by individuals and corporations. It is a direct tax, as it is levied on personal ... Read More

  • Capital Gains Tax

    Whenever an asset is purchased for lower value and sold for more, a capital gain or profit is made. This profit is to be taxed according to law and tax levied is known as capital gains tax. Profit on what type of assets? Capital assets such as ... Read More

  • Fertilizers Subsidy In India - A Perspective

    We start this article with a question of need of providing subsidy to both farmers and consumers in India, by the Govt. The need to provide farmers subsidy is to allow them to bear high input cost and to make farming a viable livelihood for those ... Read More

  • Every Indirect Tax in India

    In this article we are going to discuss various indirect tax that are levied in India. 1) Sale Tax (Levied by State) This tax is same as VAT (Value addition tax) which will be known as State GST (After GST Implementation). It is a tax on ... Read More

  • Understanding VAT

    "VAT or Value added tax is a tax collected at every point when value addition is done to a product" It is a consumption tax, which is, even if the tax is 99% it’s burden is borne by consumer. Illustration: Let’s say a company pays excise ... Read More