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  • Depreciation, Gross National Income (GNI) &

    Depreciation : When you buy a new machine for your business, after few years the machine has to be replaced. That is on one hand you used it for manufacturing, other side it wore & tore. After it wear and tear 100%, you buy a new machine. Now ... Read More

  • Economic activities and Factor of Production

    National income accounting is all about income of a nation. Is income increasing, if increasing at what rate? Other estimates etc. etc. A straight question. What is a nation doing, so in return it is receiving income ? The answer is, nation is ... Read More

  • Microeconomics Vs Macroeconomics

    An insight on 'abc' the cotton clothes manufacturer: In summer abc company's cotton clothes sale goes up. In winter, the sale reduces by half. abc customers are both rich and ordinary. abc make clothes for both girls and boys. abc also observe, ... Read More

  • Wage Expense, Wage Rate & Minimum Wage Rate

    We know what is free market economy. Economy in which resource exploitation is based upon demand and supply. Let us categorize this more specifically. Who make products in free market - Private individuals (that is ownership is not with ... Read More

  • Four type of Economic system

    Let us start this topic with a question of need of economic system, before defining it. Why we need Economic system ? In previous articles we saw, economics is all about making choice in world of scarcity. People in an economy follow a fashion of ... Read More

  • Bonds and Interest rates

    In this article we will see how: Bond value goes Down, When Interest rate goes UP ; & Bond value goes UP, When Interest rate goes DOWN.  Kindly click here to read terminologies used in bond market The big deal Illustration ... Read More

  • Economic agent and utility maximization

    Agent or Actor – An agent or actor is the decision maker in an economic model (the model created by the economists). The young aspiring woman mentioned in last article is an agent. Whenever agent takes decision and acts, we see change in variables ... Read More

  • Economics: Impression and Agenda

    What is the first impression that hits your mind, when you hear the word ‘Economics’? Is it Money, or Charts and statistics, or is it to ‘make decision’? Let us begin with an example; Whose decision power you think, is worthy for your ... Read More

  • Planning in India

    Crux : India is yet to come with a basic social and physical infrastructure, since the time we got independence, Planning still remains need of hour for guiding macroeconomic policies. Some quick points about planning: Definition: Where ... Read More

  • GST (Goods & Services Tax)

    GST is a consumption tax, that means even if the tax is 99% it's burden is borne by consumer. Let's say a company pays excise duty of 10% , obviously company will add 10% to the product price. Now assume co. pays 99% excise, this 99% will also ... Read More